FREE Workshop Reveals How to MULTIPLY Odds of Admission to your "Dream College" and SLASH College Costs by 52.4% or more...Even If You Think You Can't Possibly Qualify for Anything
 Discover the blunt, non-politically correct truth of what it REALLY takes to get into your child's "Dream College..." and how to multiply your eligibility for grants and scholarships, even if your kid didn't cure a deadly disease, bribe an SAT proctor or single-handedly build a village in a Third World country last summer!
At this live, interactive workshop, you will discover...
Getting In
The truth about what it REALLY takes to get into a top college today (Hint:  it's NOT just grades and ACT/SAT scores and definitely not politically correct!)
Getting Cash
How to triple your eligibility for scholarships and financial aid, even if you make a six-figure income and/or you think "Families like us NEVER qualify for anything!"
Getting ROI
How to choose a college that will actually give your child the tools to be successful AFTER college...what your kids need to do to minimize or flat out eliminate crushing student debt AND begin a satisfying and lucrative career (instead of moving home to the basement with their tail between their legs)
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Ah, what the heck, I'll just pay your kid's loans!
Sorry, just kidding.  But this screenshot from a recent interview is hilarious,  even if it's "Fake News!"   Come to the workshop to learn how to avoid taking on high fee, high rate debt in the first place, among many other valuable things:
Topics To Be Covered Include:
* The surprising reason why an expensive private college could cost less than a "cheaper" state university
* The 529 College Savings Plan:  "Friend" or "Foe?"
* How to Get Into Harvard, Stanford, Duke and other "Dream Schools" without facing federal indictment [Case studies]
* How to negotiate an extra $30,022 - per year - from a college after a stingy award
* The shocking truth about how much GPA and ACT/SAT scores count in the overall admissions decision
* 4.5 legal and ethical "loopholes" buried in the financial aid forms that could save you thousands...even tens of thousands!
* How your child's application can stand out in a "Sea of Sameness" where 5,000 plus competitor-applicants have the same grades and standardized test scores
* WARNING:  Did your accountant or "Financial Guy" tell you where to save for college?  Watch out!  They may have SABOTAGED your eligibility!
* The strange reason your college list looks the same as the lists of 95% of the students at your high school...and how this could hurt your chances of College Success
* Business owners - the deadliest mistake they make and how to avoid it
* Tips for divorced and/or separated families

There is nothing to buy and no awkward "informercial" or timeshare presentation-esque pressure to hire the speaker.

However, the information presented is based on Lockwood's 19+ years in the trenches, advising families on choosing colleges, maximizing their odds of admission and obtaining scholarships and financial aid.  In other words, it is not theoretical.  At times, it may directly contradict what you have heard from other parents or guidance counselors, and has been described as "brutally candid" and "politically incorrect," so the easily offended might want to take a pass on this opportunity.

Questions or issues with registering or anything else?  Email or call us: help@lockwoodcollegeprep & 516-882-5464!
WARNING: There is nothing to buy, this is not a timeshare presentation.  However, the speaker is blunt, opinionated and not necessarily "politically correct."  If you are thin-skinned and/or don't appreciate sarcasm or attempts at humor offered to 1. lighten the mood and 2. self-amuse the speaker, this is most likely not the venue for you.  However, if you are not easily insulted and want to learn the inconvenient truths about how to qualify for grants, scholarships and closely-guarded facts about what admissions officers really consider, please come!  Heck, pass along this invite to your "besties!"
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